Construction Options

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Bale Spear Option

The J & I bale bed option can be added to any bed with some alterations, it has the addition of a set of hardened bale super spears. The bale bed comes with 2-way electric over the hydraulic pump to power 2 - 2-1/2" x 10 hydraulic cylinders. Included are all hydraulic fittings & hoses, all-electric lines, and a 150 amp circuit breaker. We recommend that the pump be mounted in an enclosed toolbox (not included). The spears will go down, past level for ease of bale spearing, and past straight vertical to set the bale up over the body. The rear hitch is straight down with the tail section to allow the bale to be fully speared. Bale spears can be removed for ease of pulling a gooseneck trailer and stored beneath the bed in a 2 x 4 spear holder.

Bed Construction Option
  • 3/16 smooth or 3/16 tread over 1/8 tread floor only
  • 3 channel cross member over 1 1/2 x 3 x 14ga tubing
  • 6 channel runners over 4 channel
Bed installation consists of:
  • Bolt down
  • Wiring lights
  • Gas neck install
  • Mud flaps
Towing Options OS-NS
  • Reinforced rear hitch
  • Reinforced rear hitch with receiver & safety chain hooks
  • Super duty rear section & deep reinforced hitch with 3" drop
  • Standard J & I gooseneck box & safety chain hooks
  • Reinforcement of gooseneck box
  • Gooseneck trough
  • Rear dovetail 3" drop x 18"
  • Cut rear corners
  • Cut front corners
Skirted Body Options
  • Receiver (standard on rough rider, foreman & weld-feed bed) with safety chain holders
  • Aluminum stone chip guards
  • Super duty deep tail & rear hitch w/ 4" drop
  • Rear dovetail on ranch hand
  • Narrow bed with 5" fenders
  • Stainless 5" fenders
  • Gas doors each in floor
  • Welder - trough
  • Welder - bottle well w/ door
  • Welder - angle trough 4" x 4"
  • Additional tool boxes each
  • 18 x 18 toll boxes each over 15 x 15
Rack Options
  • Full gussets added on rack legs
  • Formed radius with 2 oval lights
  • Round western rack with 4 round lights
  • Round western rack with 4 oval lights
  • Tire rack with full gussets
  • Six pack rack - Ranch Hand / Roughrider 4500 / f-650
  • Square rack no lights
  • Square rack with 2 lights
  • Lumber man rack
Lighting Options
  • Wire harness
  • Wire harness & installation
  • NS bed with led lights
  • 2-oval, 7-clearance
  • Skirted bed with led lights
  • 8-round, 7-clearance
  • Lights added to tail section
  • Not led lights
  • Lights added to rack
  • Not led lights
  • Oval lights over round
  • 6 square grommet lights in tail
Arm Bed Options
  • Heavy duty arm turret with dual
    • “pinch from the corners” style arms
  • Heavy round bale spinners and clearance
    • Lights mounted to ends of arms
  • Heavy duty capacity hydraulic 4 way pump with 4 button remote
  • Heavy 1ga. Electric lead, 250 amp fuse and holder
  • All hydraulic lines and fittings
  • Arm bed option can be added to NS, OS, Ranchhand and Weld Feed bed with modifications

*We recommend pump be mounted in box*